• ВИП решения за ВИП клиенти

    ВИП решения за ВИП клиенти

  • Цялостни системи за земеделие

    Цялостни системи за земеделие

  • Бъдете в крак с новите технологии

    Бъдете в крак с новите технологии

Because the software can not be run without hardware, VIP SOFTWARE Ltd. also offers computer systems on customer request. Personal computers, laptops and servers - all you need for your work. Through the company you can also buy tablets and even mobile phones to use the mobile applications of VIP SOFTWARE Ltd.


Gaudy is a pricing and planning software product. Designed for builders, investors and designers. Gaudy provides you with the opportunity to quickly and easily price the construction sites, compiles the basic information needed for the documentation of the site (Quantity Account, Value Account, CC28, Protocol No. 19, Updating and Reporting of Completed Construction Works, etc.) . The main areas in which it helps manage time, budget and risk in the project and work with Database. It is applicable in any production process requiring planning of activities, resources and pricing.

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As an official partner of Microsoft, VIP SOFTWARE Ltd. has the right to offer licensed copies of Windows operating systems, as well as the well-known office suite (Word, Excel). These are products known to everyone in the modern world, which are often installed by companies and people without the necessary licenses. VIP SOFTWARE Ltd offers you completely legal licensed versions of Microsoft products.

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You can also order RFID readers to automate driver readings in combination with the Scale solution. They will help you track animals when crossing control points on your farm, and handheld readers can be used to check the individual chips and ear tags on the field or in the animal rooms. The possibilities for their application and the combination with software products by VIP SOFTWARE Ltd. depend on your needs and desires.

 Through the Agromanager Tracer online system, farmers can track the movement of their machines on the field in real time. They can map geo-zones corresponding to the usage arrays and generate when the machine has entered a block and when it came out of it. You can monitor the movement of one or several machines at the same time. The system allows import and export of KML files that are compatible with the Agronomic Module and can be loaded onto KBCs.



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Arendator-bg is a software for agriculture, facilitating the processing of contracts and the preparation of documents to the state administration. It is easy to plan and account for land-use resources. This app is ideal for companies where one person handles all the documentation. This is the most secure software available from the company because it only works with a hardware key and does not allow online access to customer data.

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Arendator-Club is an online farm management system built from a variety of applications tailored to work individually and in combination with each other. The system contains mobile applications and software for use in office. With it you can monitor the contracts with all the information about them. It is easy to submit documents to the state administration, to process the information about the accrued and paid rents and to outline the actually processed arrays on the map. The system helps you easily plan, submit, and track processing and input resources. Arendator-Club has apps for stock and accounting. The Scale module is also included.

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VIP SOFTWARE Ltd. offers highly accurate TeeJet navigation solutions. These systems are not only low-priced, but they also navigate extremely accurately drivers during operation thanks to the built-in GLONAS signal. The deviation is really minimal, and the mechanic receives a signal at each deviation from the correct trajectory of motion. TeeJet's navigation systems allow video surveillance. Drop monitoring allows you to quickly detect and eliminate any nozzle malfunctions and clogs during work.


VIP SOFTWARE also offers TeeJet autopilot systems that can help the driver work while following a straight line without making any changes to the hydraulic systems of the machines.

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